PLEASE take care of YOU

Do you have a body? Of course you do. Unless you are an internet bot that reads through blogs, you have a body. Taking care of that body is an essential part of improving your mental health. Life gets hard, no one is perfect, and let’s be careful not to be a perfectionist'; however learning some simple principles of taking care of your body will ultimately improve your ability to function mentally and emotionally. If we have not met our physical needs our emotional mind tends to escalate more quickly and more severely. Example, being hangry.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy by Marsha Linehan lays out a skill called PLEASE. This pseudo acronym gives us guidelines to consider.

  1. treat PhysicaL illness - go to the doctor and take medication as prescribed

  2. balance Eating - don’t eat too much or too little. Eat regularly and mindfully throughout the day.

  3. avoid mood- Altering substances - drugs and alcohol have an effect on you, that is why people use them. Stay off illicit drugs and use alcohol in moderation (if at all)

  4. balanced Sleep- 7-9 hours of sleep is good amount to feel rejuvenated. The more consistent your sleep schedule the better.

  5. get Exercise - try to sweat a little each day and build up to at least 30 minutes a day.

When we are experiencing mental health symptoms, one of the first things to go is taking care of ourselves. We neglect our own needs either because we don’t feel like it or we don’t think we have the time. Start to prioritize and build healthy habits that will be easy to follow! Make is simple for you to meet your needs.