Knoxville Counseling Services, PLLC



Adult Individual Therapy

If you are an adult and struggling with challenges such as anxiety, depression, trauma, marital conflict, vocational stress, identity issues, and many more, we are here to help.

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Child and Adolescent Therapy

If your children are struggling with emotional or behavioral issues, we are here to help them and support parents through the challenges. 

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Play Therapy

We utilize play therapy techniques to help your children resolve their issues through their most important language - play!

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Family Therapy

We utilize family therapy to help families learn how to develop or or maintain a healthy, functional family.

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Marriage and Relationship Therapy

Our relationship health is a vital part of our overall emotional help. Whether you're just dating, engaged, married, or in a long-term relationship, we are here to help improve the health of your relationship.

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Divorce Services

We offer Collaborative Divorce services, Mediation services, and co-parenting coaching,

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Supervision Services

We provide supervision services for clinicians working towards licensure.

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An opportunity to learn about a variety of topics

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Evidence based treatment for PTSD and other psychological and somatic related disorders based in trauma.

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